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Welcome to New Start Cat Rescue
Our main aim is to rescue unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens, domestic and feral, and where we can to find them new homes.
We are a non profit organisation, we believe every cat and kitten deserves a loving home; m ost of our volunteers have full time jobs, none of them are paid to help out with the charity. Although based in Huntley on the A40 between Gloucester and Ross on Wye. We cover a wide area in the West reaching as far West as Herefordshire and South as Swindon. We also have a branch in Usk, covering South Wales.

Our aims are:
  • to rescue and help unwanted cats and kittens of any age
  • to find suitable homes for any cats in our care and encourage responsible cat ownership
  • to check new homes for suitability for a cat and give advice where necessary
  • to promote regular vaccination and worming programs and encourage microchipping of cats
  • to encourage spaying and neutering of all cats and kittens (when old enough)
  • to neuter feral cats and return to their normal colonies where possible