Hello! We're Charlie and Benny

Charlie and Benny's information

  1. Domestic Short Hair
  2. Male
  3. Roughly 5 years
  4. Indoor cats
Thank you for reading about us. If you are interested in adopting us please contact the lovely people at New Start!
Contact number: 07598752992
About Me
Gorgeous Charlie and Benny are believed to be around 5 years old and have been with New Start for several weeks now. They were both unwell when they arrived and had been suffering for some time prior to being rescued.They were strays being fed by someone but not really cared for. We have since found out that they were suffering from the Feline Calicivirus which attacks the respiratory tract. Thishas been treated and they are now in good health although they still need medication and may continue to do so on and off throughout their lives. Because of this they will need to be indoor only cats and New Start will pay for any medication associated with this condition.
As you can see they are a close pair and would love a home together, where they will be looked after and spoilt as they have had sad lives up until recently.